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consummary – discussing sustainable consumption

consummary is an interdisciplinary platform that aims at discussing questions related to consumption, society and sustainability.

This does not mean that we want to say that consumption is bad. Consumption is and will always be necessary for human beings, and in some parts of the world there is a need for increasing levels of consumption. Rather, this blog is here to explore and communicate the multifaceted aspects of consumption, and what these facets mean in terms of changes that can lead to more sustainable consumption patterns.

We also highlight that individuals, individual attitudes and behaviours are not solely responsible for the ways we consume. Along with individuals and identity we will scrutinise habits and practices, and tackle larger societal, political, economic and structural issues. We talk between the individual’s deliberate choice of reduced-fat milk, and the political decision to demand information about fat contents on labels. In practical terms, this could mean addressing the so-called ‘work-life’ balance, our levels of income, how formulations of alternative futures impact actions today, or the ways in which forces outside of our power can influence our actions.

This blog will strive to include several disciplines to highlight the complexities related to consumption. We will invite people from various backgrounds to provide new and exciting perspectives on what consumption entails, and what it would mean to consume sustainably.

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