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The creation of consummary

Dear all,

this marks the beginning of a new era for me as I have now finally entered the ‘blogosphere’. This blog will be a platform for research, information and action related to consumption in today’s society. Research on consumption and everyday life has progressed the past ten years but this progress is not reflected in the politics and media discourse. The purpose of this blog is to research into, lobby for and communicate sustainable consumption. This implies:

  • Enabling a larger focus on consumption and everyday life by engaging with policymakers and media.
  • Encouraging a larger audience of researchers and politicians in coming to grips with consumption.
  • Creating venues for interdisciplinary research on sustainable consumption.
  • Using new avenues of communicating research.

This blog is the start of one such avenue, and the aim is to invite guest-bloggers to highlight different scholarly backgrounds and communities in order to broaden our understanding of the complexities of consumption.

This blog arose from the realisation that we keep increasing our consumption although we know that climate change is happening and Earth’s resources are dwindling. The blog will be a platform for research-based advocacy of sustainable consumption with aims of reaching out to a larger audience of policymakers, organisations, companies and individuals. As media today largely are publishing stories that sell, and politicians preach topics that get them re-elected, this platform is needed to balance the prevailing streamlined growth-paradigm. With science as a basis the aim is to explore and support visions of alternative futures where happiness is detached from having more things. Happiness, welfare, lifestyles and consumption are inseparably intertwined with one another, and we need to understand this link from perspectives other than the price-cost / demand-supply link.

I hope that the blog will be able to communicate the importance of this topic to a larger audience, and that it will generate interest and understanding outside the small research-community that exists on the topic.

All the best,


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